Janneke rotman
Schilderachtig leuk.
1 • 3 augustus 2012 om 10:47
U maakt interessant en eigenzinnig werk.
met vriendelijke groet,
Atze Hoogeveen.
galerie Hoogenbosch
www.galeriehoogenbosch.nl 5 november 2012

Dear Gert, I like your work and loose style. It convinces me of your technical qualities and talent. you asked me to rate specifically this work which I consider not your best work.I should like to rate you with more stars.I looked at your complete ouvre and I think it worth 3-4 stars.Hope for your understanding in this commentRead more
Ingrid Trijzelaar (art dealer, artist agent, curator, art advisor),
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 10:21

• Marjo Mommersteeg
ik had gisteren al een beetje naar je site gekeken, mooi werk !!
• • woensdag 13 februari om 10:51

We are really excited about the opportunity to work with you.
First let me just say I came across your work through www.saatchionline.com and then went on to view your personal website as well. I think your work is absolutely beautiful and innovative and has great potential in the art scene and community here in NYC.
I particularly had an interest in and absolutely loved the painting on the link below - The colors, shape and movements of the piece were very striking.
Angei Ferrera ‹angei.ferrera3@gmail.com›
14 feb. 2013

My name is Angei Ferrera and I am a publicist/curator for NY Arts Magazine. I came across some of your art and I was very engaged in your work. On behalf of the owner of NY Arts Magazine and Broadway Gallery, we are very interested in representing your work and would like to discuss offering you international exposure, publicity and exhibition opportunities. 13 februari 2013

14 februari 2013 Elisabeth schreef: Leuk!! Ik zou nog wel langer willen gluren! Ik zeg: Docu..en dan schilder schildert dames die dansen en de dansers komen tot leven! MAAIKE jij Choreo en dans?!! ;-)